TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Testing Meter

Blood glucose testing meters are typically chosen based on a series of important factors and required criteria. For those with diabetes, taking such factors into full consideration is imperative when choosing a blood glucose testing meter.

The main factors when choosing a blood glucose testing meter that you can trust include:

  • The level of accuracy of the blood glucose level readings
  • The speed at which the testing results are delivered
  • The user-friendly functionality to prevent from errors in testing

For the approximately 30.3 million Americans (both adults and children alike) with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, choosing a reliable blood glucose testing meter is a major component of maintaining proper diabetes self-management.

A high-quality blood glucose testing meter should embody all of these criteria requirements, as they are all of equal importance. Luckily for diabetics in need of a high-quality blood glucose monitoring system, there is a solution!

The TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Meter exceeds all of these criteria requirements in that it tests blood glucose levels with absolute precision and accuracy. Delivering clinically accurate results that you can rely on at an affordable price, the TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Meter is a great choice for diabetics of all ages.

Some of the many advanced features, specifications, and benefits of the TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Meter includes:

  • Zero required coding
  • 10 second test result delivery time
  • Small 1 microliter sample size requirement
  • Alternate testing sites
  • 365 test result memory capacity
  • Time and date stamp
  • Capillary action that quickly draws the blood sample onto the testing strip
  • Audible fill detection
  • Downloadable test readings via computer or smart device
  • Compatible with the TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Strips

Diabetes is a highly dangerous and potentially deadly disease that may lead to a series of minor-to-severe health complications if not properly and regularly managed.

With choosing the right blood glucose testing meter comes great responsibility. You want a meter that you can depend on to deliver fast and accurate results so that you can manage your diabetes properly. By regular monitoring your blood glucose levels with the TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Meter, you are drastically reducing the impact that the disease may have on your overall health and way of life.

With a high-quality blood glucose testing meter, like the TRUE TRACK Blood Glucose Testing Meter, those with diabetes are optimizing their chances of never having to face any of the serious health complications associated with diabetes.

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