TRUEtest Blood Glucose Test Strips

A blood glucose testing meter is a medical device that determines the precise concentration of blood sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. These meters are the key element of the self-management of blood glucose monitoring for those with diabetes or hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes).

The primary goal for anyone with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes is to achieve normal or close-to-normal blood glucose levels for as much time as possible. This requires testing one’s levels several times a day with a reliable blood glucose testing meter.

Trividia Health, Inc. has a large product line of dependable blood glucose testing meters that provide accurate results at a fast rate of speed and with user-friendly navigation. The meters in this product line include: The TRUE METRIX Meter, TRUE METRIX AIR Meter, TRUE METRIX GO Meter, TRUE FOCUS Meter, TRUE TRACK Meter, TRUE2GO Meter, TRUE RESULT Meter, TRUE BALANCE Meter, and the TRUE READ Meter.

Each of these meters are highly effective in accurately testing blood glucose levels with enhanced performance features and convenient designs. Although all of these meters have slightly different features, specifications, and benefits, they all utilize blood glucose testing strips.

These small, disposable strips provide a very important role in helping those with diabetes manage and monitor their blood glucose levels. Once a small drop of blood is placed onto the plastic testing strip, it reacts to the glucose oxidase chemical in the blood and produces gluconic acid.

From there, the testing meter by which the testing strip is inserted transfers a current to the testing strip’s electrical terminals, thus allowing the meter to measure the current between the terminals. These currents between the terminals may change depending on the level of gluconic acid being produced in the blood.

Lastly, the blood glucose testing meter uses an algorithm to accurately calculate the blood glucose levels based on the differences in the currents. The level of accuracy in a testing strip is very important, as it is a key component of properly testing one’s blood glucose levels.

The TRUE TEST Blood Glucose Testing Strip is a highly dependable and cutting-edge diabetic testing strip that ensures the accuracy and precision of blood glucose level testing. The TRUE TEST Blood Glucose Testing Strip does not require any coding and is the ideal choice for diabetics that use the TRUE RESULT and the TRUE2GO Blood Glucose Meters.

Typically sold in quantities of either 100 or 200 counts, the TRUE TEST Blood Glucose Testing Strip has several features, including:

  • Requirement of a small blood sample side of 0.5 microliters
  • GoldSensor Laser Accuracy that provides enhanced accuracy and precision of test results
  • Zero required coding to make the testing process faster and easier
  • Patented TRUE FILL Technology that enables precise entry of the blood sample
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