Who Typically Wears Wrist Braces?

Millions of Americans participate in high-intensity sports, in addition to other everyday physical activities that involve frequent use of the wrists. When someone is putting even the most minimal of stress on their wrists, though doing so many times per day or in a repetitive motion, they could potentially face a moderate-to-severe wrist injury.

Engaging in high-intensity sports, such as: weightlifting, bodybuilding, basketball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball, hockey, etc. can easily cause the player to endure a trauma to the wrist. Wrist pain or injury can also occur in people that go about completing regularly, everyday tasks and activities.

Some examples of everyday tasks and activities that may potentially cause wrist injury or pain when done so frequently and/or repetitively include:

  • Playing high or low-impact sports
  • Typing and using a computer mouse
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Sketching or drawing
  • Playing video games
  • Utilizing work tools

Given the many fragile tendons and ligaments in the wrist, that specific part of the human body may be more susceptible to injury. Most commonly worn by athletes and those that regularly engage in strenuous physical activity that involves frequent use of the wrist, the wrist brace helps to maintain the stability of the wrist joint by restricting its range of motion.

Why Are Wrist Braces Necessary?

The wrist brace applies a certain amount of compression to the wrist for the purpose of keeping it in a fixed position. The compression is the main factor for preventing a possible wrist sprain, strain, bone fracture, or a major breakage of the wrist bone.

It also significantly aids in the healing process for those that have already had a wrist injury or have been experiencing chronic wrist pain. It’s so important to take good care of our wrists, especially given the level of importance for the role that it plays. Without full motion range of our wrists, we are extremely limited to what we can do since the wrist bone, tendons, and ligaments are connected to our hands.

Wearing a wrist brace as an injury preventative measure, to alleviate wrist pain, or during the healing process for a pre-existing wrist injury/trauma can be very beneficial. Wrist braces have been proven to be highly effective in serving these purposes. In fact, many doctors may prescribe those that have suffered a wrist injury to wear a wrist brace as a non-invasive treatment method.

So if you’ve experienced an injury to your wrist, want an easy-to-use device that prevents a wrist injury from happening, or are currently experiencing wrist pain, then wearing a wrist brace could be the perfect solution.

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