Back Braces Provide Relief from Back Pain

A back brace is an orthotic device that helps to stabilize several areas of the spine, restrict spinal movement, relieve spinal pressure, and help to prevent further spinal injuries to alleviate back pain. Back braces come in many types, of which are used for different issues relating to one’s back pain.

Upon being examined by a doctor to determine the source and cause of the back pain, a doctor may prescribe a customized back brace to anyone experiencing acute-to-severely chronic back pain. The type of back brace that a doctor prescribes is designed specifically to treat their patient.

This is executed by pinpointing the exact areas of the spinal area and providing the patient with a back brace that applies the right amount of compression and support to those exact areas. This helps to both alleviate the pain of those specified areas and to prevent from experiencing further injuries that can potentially lead to more severe spinal-related complications.

Types of Back Braces and How They Help

Examples of various types of back braces and their specifications include:

  • Corset Braces – These types of braces are made of soft, elastic material that is more flexible and contoured to fit the person’s body type. The corset brace is often recommended for anyone in need of help with their posture in their mid-to-lower back region, as well as for those that have undergone a spinal surgical procedure.
  • Rigid Braces – Mainly recommended for those with back stability problems, these types of braces are used primarily after a serious injury or surgical procedure of the spinal area. Made up of hard, rigid composite materials and molded plastic, they’re perfect for limiting one’s range of movement as to prevent from experiencing further injury or other serious conditions associated with the spinal area.
  • Occupational Braces – These braces are typically utilized during heavy lifting or other forms of strenuous activity as to prevent from injuries related to improper lifting, an abnormal range of movement, or poor posture.
  • Sacroiliac Belts – These braces, made up of elastic-like materials that wrap around the hips, are primarily used to stabilize the sacroiliac joint located in the lower area of the back. By applying compression to the sacroiliac joint, these braces provide an optimized level of pain relief, increased sacroiliac joint stability, and the promotion of proper posture.

These back braces have helped millions of people all over the U.S. to relieve their back pain without having to undergo invasive spinal surgeries or procedures. Open back surgery, although can be very effective, can also be extremely dangerous given the many risk factors involved.

Upon speaking with a doctor about the level of severity and pinpointed areas of pain surrounding the spinal area, a high-quality back brace may be prescribed. Whether you’re in need of a back brace to help relieve chronic pain associated with a pre-existing spinal condition or injury, or if you acute back pain related to any number of minor factors, a back brace may just be the right solution for you.

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